Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Many Faces of Nicholas

Okay, so I found the coolest thing from the St. Andrew's website: an online face morpher! Truly cool stuff; just upload a photo and go to town. Here are some of the filters I've tried:
Nicholas as anime:

Nicholas as a scary baby:

Nicholas as an ape-man:

Nicholas as a Modigliani painting:

And, finally, my favorite:
Nicholas as an El Greco:

Oddly, the most frightening transformation I have not posted here. It was supposed to be a depiction of what I would look like as an older adult. As it turns out, there is enough red in my hair, and enough Israelite blood in my veins that I am going to become something less like Shylock, and rather more like Marlowe's "Jew of Malta." Truly unsettling in a very Fagin-esque way. I guess I just hope I die young.

That, or become an ape-man.

[This was inspired by a similar post on the blog 15 Minute Lunch. The language can be mature and the content unrefined, but he is seriously whoops-now-I'm-sitting-in-a-puddle funny. (Mom and Dad, you won't enjoy it. Sorry.) You've been warned, mind. Oh, and for those of you who have gotten it by email, he is responsible for the 1977 JC Penny Catalog (with commentary) viral.]


The Olsen's said...

Yeah I can't decide which one is more frightening, the baby one maybe a top contender though. How are you feeling and when do you hear the results of your testing? We miss you and love you and hope you find a job soon!!!

Latter-Day Guy said...

Well, they took some biopsy samples, (of which--thank the Lord--I have no recollection; evidently, that is one of the curious side effects of a cocktail of Versed, Ativan, and Demerol. I tried to convince them to leave the shunt in and let me borrow a few of their supplies: nothing doing) but I assume that they were at least inconclusive if not outright negative. At least I hope so. I would feel ill used indeed if they were just waiting for the right moment to break the news of an enormous, inoperable, colonic tumor that seems to have acquired the power of speech.

Anyhow, no news is... well, it's no news anyway.

Take care, eat delicious greasy food slathered in kraut and sour cream, and bring back recipes! That, more than anything, I am convinced will make me feel better.

Crystal-lynn said...

These pictures are really funny. They left me trying to remember what you REALLY look like!