Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Excuse me for a moment...

...I just have to go vomit forever. Take a gander at this monstrosity. (Sorry about only including a link; normally, I would try to put at least a thumbnail image on the blog, but this was too horrifying even to steal.)

Do note the ridiculous contradictions inherent in this painting! My personal favorite is the black soldier standing proxy for MLK, while Marbury v. Madison is left on the ground for enabling "activist judges." Never mind that without Marbury v. Madison enabling judicial review, major civil rights victories would have never happened. (Brown v. the Board of Education, anyone?) This is an example of trying to drink your Kool-aid and keep it too! Also, the professor holding "The Origin of Species" is contrasted with the (token black) college student* holding ... wait for it ... "The Five Thousand Year Leap" by Cleon "the Kingon" Skousen**! My eyes are now bleeding.

Well, I've got to go run and try make sure that humanism continues to dominate our educational system, but while I'm gone, see if you can spot Harriet Tubman! (Hint: They initially invited Rosa Parks, but she didn't like her assigned seat.)

Hugs and Kisses,
Your favorite servant of darkness and flunky of the liberal media

*Honestly, that guy gets around; his face is in practically every pamphlet or advertisement BYU prints.

**On sale this week at Macy's: industrial, hat-grade tinfoil -- only $2.00 a roll!


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let's not forget that sinful unwed mother in the bottom right. what a whore....right? am i right? (my friend worked at this guy's art gallery in the Provo mall for a while...such ridiculous stuff)