Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ashes: Interlude

It is with great regret that I announce that my Lenten fast has been hijacked by a pagan deity. At approximately 5:00 PM, I made violent and abundant offering to Commodus, the porcelain goddess. Services began again at 9:00, and now we have had a kind of Vigils at 1:00 AM. It has been surprisingly regular, and might even be a benefit to observing the Divine Office if it weren't for the fact that it is so damned distracting to pray: "Glory be to the––BLLLEEECHERRRGurbleurble." (Though to be fair, one is always sure to make a profound inclination!) On the bright side, pagan worship is something of an improvement for me, as I am usually rendered completely atheist upon vomiting––it can take days to work my way back even to Pantheism.

I suppose I'll say "hi" again at 5:00, though I am somewhat worried by the fact that there are no fluids left. We've just gone clean out of bile, and so I suppose we'll have to move on to CSF and lymph, if we don't just jump straight to eyeballs and kidneys. It has been a real experience; have you ever puked so hard your joints hurt?

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The Olsen's said...

Ohhhhh poor brother. I have puked so hard I have broken blood vessels in mine eyes...Vomiting is not for the weak stomached! But glad you are now feeling better. As part of your Lent observance are you eating Fish on Fridays? Make sure its fresh or you will be back to possible Pagan worship sooner than you'd like!