Thursday, October 07, 2010


I'm afraid that there are some other updates I missed. What a month.

Cody J. Barker, 17

Felix Sacco, 17

Harrison Chase Brown, 15

Alec Henrikson, 18


Ashlie said...

Heather said...

I have to admit Nick that I am once again confused as to which side of the line you fall on. The church's side or the other?

Latter-day Guy said...

Ah, well that would be fodder for several blog posts! Suffice it to say, I think we have some growing do to as a faith when it comes to this issue. I was very pleased by the tone of Michael Otterson's statement the other day -- not perfect, but I think we are getting better when it comes to kindness and charity. Of course, we can all do better at this, and not just when it comes to this issue! Heaven knows I need to improve as much as anybody... ;-)

Shelli said...

I have to say, Nick, that to disapprove of the church's handling of an issue, and yet remain so anxious to maintain your faith and relationship with God is rather remarkable to me. It's a difficult thing to do. I'm so grateful for those fingerprints you found recently ... albeit on a freshly cleaned window. :) God - and the throng of people (in and out of the church) who truly follow Him - is love ... if you can see Him clearly enough.