Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Roe v. Wade (Why not just swim?)

In honor of the anniversary, here are some suggested Planned Parenthood slogans winnowed from the internet:

* Solving overpopulation––one person at a time

* Keeping minorities minorities

* Reach out and abort someone

* Have you dismembered your baby today?

* Betcha can't kill just one

* Doing our best to reduce class size

* Support your local Abortuary

* Keeping predatory males happy

* Have you plunged forceps into your kid today?

* Planned Parenthood––helping women find their inner genocidal maniac since 1916

* Planned Parenthood––because "Eugenics" doesn't sound as nice

* Planned Parenthood––We smell man-flesh!

* Flush your troubles away at Planned Parenthood

* Planned Parenthood––We See Small Dead People

* Planned Parenthood––because Jr's not a person yet

* Planned Parenthood––because you're out of hangers

What would you add to the list?


apb said...

Turning horrible things into avenues for humor makes the original problem more horrifying

dixonfamily said...

GROSS! HORRIBLE! DISTURBING! Sorry, but I really couldn't read it all. Just thinking about people actually supporting abortion blows my mind.

Ashlie said...

That was absolutely disgusting! The slogans were dreadful...but that doesn't mean I didn't laugh...a tiny bit. People are disturbed.

Ashlie said...